How to Make a Tandem TM Schedule

How to Make a Tandem Toastmasters Schedule

Instructions provided by Jeff Iswandhi.

How to Schedule for Tandem Toastmasters

The Educational VP has a very important job. The Educational VP must send a schedule on time for the club to function.  If you are busy or on vacation, ask someone else to cover for you. 

  1. Look at the calendar for the meeting dates for the next month.

  2. On the Friday before the 16th of the month send a mail message to every member asking for availability.  Follow up with second and third messages to those who haven't replied.  Finally call them by phone.

  3. Save the replies to a mail folder.  Mark on the schedule those who have replied.

  4. Extend the current month schedule on the right hand side with new columns for the next month schedule.

  5. Mark the schedule with:

a   available

x   not available

m  maybe: not speaker or toastmaster.

  1. Count the number of available people per meeting.  Write them down at the bottom.

  2. Schedule according the order in the LAST file.  It is in the order of preparation.  Start with speakers.  Schedule first members that wants to speak at a certain date.  If  a meeting has no speaker, ask a senior member to speak. Find a senior member who hasn't spoken the longest.  Avoid scheduling a meeting with two unreliable speakers.  Avoid scheduling a member who just returns from a vacation.  That member needs some time to get adjusted to work.

  3. Schedule the toastmaster.  Find the member who hasn't been the Toastmaster the longest and schedule the member.  Avoid scheduling a member as TM the week before SP.  It is too much work during preparation for a speech.

  4. Schedule the rest of roles in rotation based on the previous month.  Scan the schedule horizontally, make sure the member hasn't done the function too recently.  Match the number of evaluators to the number of speakers.  Schedule at least 2 evaluators.  When there is only one speaker, both evaluators will evaluate the same speaker.  It is nice if an icebreaker or an experienced speaker evaluated by an experienced evaluator.

  5. Presiding officer can only be done by officers.

  6. If there are more roles than members, assign two roles per member starting from PO.  Avoid scheduling TD and VC at the same time because they are performed at the same time.

  7. New members get special treatment:

  1. If members are scheduled longer than 2 1/2 months between speeches, schedule three speaker meeting.  A three speaker meeting requires an experienced TM.  Schedule an advance speech only in a two speaker meeting, because it is longer.  If a member wants to speak more frequently than once a month, persuade the member to wait.  People need time to learn and prepare a good speech.

  2. Schedule the TM and SP for the first week of the following month to allow them to prepare ahead of time.  Schedule only reliable people because people often forget about the next month schedule.

  3. Triple check the schedule to avoid major confusion.  Scan the schedule make sure every function is scheduled for every meeting.  Add the number of roles to make sure they match the total:

      I usually add the number of members available plus the number of double functions.

  1. Update the LAST file.

  2. Remember to schedule special meetings: elections and contests.  Do not schedule around the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.  The attendance will be sparse.  It is difficult to contact people.

  3. Send the schedule to newly join members. Add them in order of their last name to the schedule.

  4. Send an email to get confirmation from the next week Toastmaster.

  5. If a speaker cancelled out, as long there is at least one speaker there is no need to find replacement speaker.  Last minute speakers are rarely good.

July 20, 2006

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